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Things I Wish Existed When I was 10 Years Old – A Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas 1984 was one of my best ever. I was ten years old and Transformers had just come out. My grandmother dragged my grandfather into every mall and Bradlees up and down the eastern seaboard to buy me and my sisters some great toys. I was a very lucky kid and I loved playing with those toys. I stayed up all Christmas Eve putting on stickers and transforming every one of my new robots over and over til I could do them all in my sleep. But even though those were some of my most favorite toys ever there are still some things that we have today that I wish were around when I was a carefree 10 year old who had much more time to play with them.

So here is my Christmas Gift Guide of Things I Wish Existed when I was 10 Years Old. Continue reading Things I Wish Existed When I was 10 Years Old – A Holiday Gift Guide

Review: MEGA Bloks Skylanders Trap Team

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We received a couple of the new MEGA Bloks Skylanders Trap Team sets to play with and review. They were the Rocket Blaster Battle Pack with Food Fight and Cut Throat Carnival with Kaos and Wildfire and a Mystery Villain. Opinions are 100% our own.

I am very excited that there are new Skylanders MEGA Bloks sets being released with characters from Trap Team. A couple of my favorite characters from the game are now MEGA Bloks figures. Food Fight and Wildfire are fun characters in the game and they now have the ability to fire projectiles. The new play patterns for these MEGA Bloks sets include shooting at various targets. There are also Stunt Sticks that let you control the action of the figures. Continue reading Review: MEGA Bloks Skylanders Trap Team