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Happy Mother’s Day 2012

Photo-A-Day #2592

Today was Mother’s Day and instead of our usual 8am Church I came straight home and caught an hour of sleep and then headed down to Harwich with Allison, Eva and Andrew to go to my Aunt Cindy and Uncle Wayne’s house. The family was going to get together there for lunch. My grandma, mom and godmother would be there. Andrew’s godmother, Auntie Tara would be there along with some of my Aunts and Uncle’s and cousins. I decided to take 4 hours of vacation from work so that I could sleep a bit before going in for 11pm instead of 7pm. I was a bit tired all day but not too tired. Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day 2012

Time Ripens Quickly

Photo-A-Day #1916

These blackberries are so tempting. The thing is they grow at the edge of the driveway and right in the spot where Uncle Mike sits in his running car (believe me we’ve tried to get him to stop) so these blackberries have been fed on runoff, exhaust fumes and god knows what else. But they look so good. Although these ones were crawling with some sort of ants and that dropped the appeal factor way down. Continue reading Time Ripens Quickly