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Unboxing my YesVideo DVD

As part of my Ambassadorship with YesVideo I was given a gift card so that I could use the service through CVS Pharmacy. I brought 8 8mm film reels to the pharmacy, they contained footage from various early events in my life like my first Christmas, my Christening and more. If I ever actually saw these on 8mm the memory of that is very fuzzy. What I did recognize while watching the DVD was that we had many photos of those same events. So in addition to the 8mm camera my parents also shot still of these events as well. While the technology of capturing memories may have changed over the years it is nice to know that my kids will also have video and stills from the major holidays and events of their lives. They’ll just have a crazy amount to pour over when they grow up.

So I unboxed, or rather unbagged my DVD from YesVideo and here it is

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Helping Your Kids to Preserve their Memories

World War I Park 2010

Kids have a real curious and creative nature that should be encourage and nurture. I take photographs every single day and what started as a personal challenge to myself has become a way to capture our life and family memories. I encourage my daughter to use our camera equipment to capture her own photographs and thus take more personal ownership of those families memories and reinforce the memories of those things that happen in our lives. Continue reading Helping Your Kids to Preserve their Memories