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We Saw a Sneak Peek of Brave Tonight

Photo-A-Day #2630

Brave has been the word on all of our lips in this house for the past couple of months. Actually Brave has been on my mind since we went to Disney well over a year ago. I saw that single word on a sign in the Celtic script and I just knew that something amazing was coming from Disney. Little did I know that it was another Disney Princess to add to their pantheon of princesses. This time the princess is a strong willed girl named Merida. She is a princess of a Scottish clan with a proper Queen Mother, a Rowdy but loving King Father and mischief making triplet brothers. Continue reading We Saw a Sneak Peek of Brave Tonight

BRAVE Little Eva

Photo-A-Day #2623

Eva has become very taken with the character of Merida from the upcoming movie BRAVE. She loves seeing Merida on TV. She has a little Merida doll and the other day she said that she really wanted a Merida dress and I promised her that she could have one. There is only so long that a kid enjoys playing dress up and so I want to cultivate that especially if she is dressing up as a strong character. Eva also used her Christmas or Birthday money to buy the bow and arrows. Then she had some fun with Target practice. She’s working on her form and where to hold her hands but she is improving. Continue reading BRAVE Little Eva