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In-N-Out Burger and a Stu Look

Stu look with Mike Schmidt
Photo-A-Day #4564

For the past 10 years the adventures of this guy here have helped me get through many long nights and tough days. When I go to California on one of these press trips I try and catch Mike for a conversation. I let him know when I was going to be there and kept him up to date about what was happening with my timeline on the trip. It isn’t easy to connect while on one of these press trips because things change quickly and things move around. Then there is the L.A. traffic which is crazy. I finally got to the point where I knew we were heading back to the hotel and I could catch up with Mike before my flight. I’d have a couple of hours of time before I had to be back to catch the van to the airport.

I was glad that we were able to connect. I needed to have that conversation with Mike and share some burgers.

Have you Tried Caramel M&Ms?

Caramel M and Ms
Photo-A-Day #4401

M&M’s have a new flavor. They now have Caramel M&M’s and they are really good. They are also a little weird. They are like crunchy Rolos. The caramel on the inside is very much like the caramel in a Rolo and then you find that you have the crunchy candy shell mixed in with the chewy caramel. It is a weird mouth feel but the taste is very good.