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Hey, Where is MY Ice Cream?

Photo-A-Day #3028

After a sweltering day at home, capped off with some heavy rain and thunder, we headed for the Cape. We went down late figuring that the kids (well, at least Andrew) would fall asleep on the ride. He did fall asleep and I figured that we could chance it and stop at Somerset Creamery for an ice cream. He has a problem with milk, it upsets his tummy and he gets Eczema. We are very careful to make sure that he does not have milk. We are also aware that it sucks to be the only kid not having ice cream so we make sure that we have an alternative for him to enjoy. There are good Coconut Milk based ice creams that he can have and enjoy. However, they don’t have that option at most ice cream shops.

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Chocolate Caramel Milk & Pretzels

Photo-A-Day #1900

Yesterday Allison, Eva and I did a big shop for Hershey’s Summer Celebration. We got a bunch of different syrups and so tonight I got to feeling that I wanted to have some chocolate milk. I wanted however to do something a bit different so I made some caramel chocolate milk. Actually, Allison made the milk and I shot the photo. Continue reading Chocolate Caramel Milk & Pretzels