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Expert Traveler Kids

Photo-A-Day #2988

Less than twelve hours after graduation Allison, Eva, Andrew and I were on a plane headed down to visit Mimi and Dano for a vacation. As a family we have really hit our stride on air travel preparedness. We wee all up and out of the house by 5:15am and at our gate by 6:30am. The kids slept in their travel clothes, something light for sleeping but substantial enough to wear on the plane. I dropped everyone at the outdoor check in area with the bags and then parked the car. It took me a couple of minutes to get into the terminal. Allison and the kids were already inside and ready to roll. We flew through security so quickly that the TSA looked at us and said that we were really organized.

The flight wasn’t too bad. Andrew and Eva were pretty good on the flight. Andrew had a little meltdown towards the end and so did Eva. I think it was mostly the being over tired plus the ear pressure thing. Some time with the iPad and with some crayons and coloring pages helped them out.

We arrived at Mimi and Dano’s. We stopped at Sonic first for our lunch and then some playtime and off to the pool. Both of the kids were little fish in the pool. Andrew spent most of the time climbing in and out of the pool. Eva did a lot of jumping and playing with the noodles. Then Dano came home and made us some barbecue chicken. We had a nice meal and then time for the kids to bed down for the night. Time to get some sleep.

Lion Country Safari Time

Photo-A-Day #2575

Today Allison, Eva, Andrew, Mimi and I went to Lion Country Safari. This is a drive through safari that Allison and Eva went to on a previous visit. When they went the last time there were torrential rains once they got into the park portion of the safari. This trip however we had a nice warm day which was perfect for Eva to play on the Splashpad. Continue reading Lion Country Safari Time