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Photo-A-Day #721 03/30/07

Me and Snoopy in Minnesota

I have to say, I really love having a QuikPod. It is one of the best inventions I have every used. I got this picture of me with the Snoopy Statue in the Minneapolis Airport. The Snoopy Statue was once Photo-A-Day but I wasn’t able to be in the picture. I offered to take a picture of Katie by the Snoopy but she figured I would use it as fodder for future work related videos I would be making. She is probably right. Continue reading Photo-A-Day #721 03/30/07

Photo-A-Day #720 03/29/07

Dinner at Kokomo's Island Cafe

I am still in Minnesota and I had a very good day. I slept nice and late and poked around the hotel for a while. Then I walked over to Sculpture by Roghair. I spent some time talking with Dennis’ wife and looking around their shop. Inside there were many very nice gifts and she made homemade fudge and it was very tasty. We talked for a bit and then Dennis came back. He said hello but was back out again running errands. I never did get a chance to see him do his carving. Continue reading Photo-A-Day #720 03/29/07