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MEGA Bloks Skylanders Giants – Molten Hot Dog Battle Portal

Hot Dog on  his MEGA Blocks Battle Portal - Skylanders Giants

I was sent the MEGA Bloks Skylanders Giants Molten Hot Dog Battle Portal to play with and review. Opinions are, as always, 100% my own.

Hot Dog was one of those highly sought after figures. He came out in a special battle pack and then later a variant edition called Molten Hot Dog. This particular set features Molten Hot Dog. There is a Series 3 Battle Portal coming out soon with Hot Dog who is more red. This set comes with a red fire imp as the enemy. There is also a battle bumper, hourglass blok, key blok and elemental blok.

The battle portal is a series two portal. Because Hot Dog is a Fire Element character the portal has red translucent blok on it so that when it crashes it lights up red. Hot Dog is very well done. The sculpt looks wonderful and Molten Hot Dog’s head moves, so does his legs and fiery tail.

On the Skylanders Hunt Again

Photo-A-Day #2893

Today I picked up two new Skylanders figures which are actually repaints of existing figures, sorta. First I stopped over at Walmart and picked up my pre-ordered Ship to Store Molten Hot Dog which is an exclusive to Walmart. Molten Hot Dog is a bright yellow version of the already released Hot Dog figure that I picked up back in January.

Molten Hot Dog

The other figure that I picked up was released today. This is actually a repaint of a figure that hasn’t yet been released. I don’t think I’ve seen a repaint released before the actual figure before but in this case it happened. Toys R Us has exclusives that they call Legendary figures. There were four from the Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure and for Skylanders Giants there are 4 regular sized figures as Legendary and one giant as legendary plus this brand new legendary figure which is also a Lightcore figure. That one is Chill. I like the figure a lot. I just wish that her powers were better. Maybe I’ll try the other upgrade trail and that might be better.

In all it was a good day hunting for Skylanders. We’ve got 10 left to go in the Giants Series and then time to gear up for Skylanders Swap Force.