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Batman for Breakfast

Photo-A-Day #3840
Batman for Breakfast

I try and take the kids to breakfast for their birthdays, on their birthdays. Last year my car got a flat and Eva and I ended up eating powdered donuts from Cumberland Farms while we waited for Achin’s Garage to come and fix the flat. IT was disappointing at the time but this year we could laugh about it.

This year our birthday breakfast did not take place on Eva’s birthday because of my work schedule. I work on the weekends and so I had to get some sleep Saturday morning so I could be up for her birthday party in the afternoon. Luckily the Eva had a day out of school today so I was able to take her for breakfast after we dropped Andrew off at school. We went to Morin’s for our breakfast, Eva’s choice. It is a decent breakfast place, they serve it all day. Again Eva’s Eyes were too big for her stomach. She ordered, The Patriot and I ordered the Fenway Fable. Continue reading Batman for Breakfast

Special Breakfast with Auntie and Uncle

Photo-A-Day #3528

Andrew and I had a nice breakfast this morning with my sister, Tara and her husband, Erik at Morin’s. Andrew was very excited to enjoy hot dogs (sausages) and eggs with his Aunt and Uncle. It was nice to have breakfast together and catch up. Andrew was his usual impish self which is entertaining. Stressful for me at times but entertaining.

We went home and watched a couple of shows together. I was going to take Andrew up to Patriot place but as soon as I drove around the block he fell asleep. I figured I would go home and put him into bed and try and get some shuteye for myself. Bad idea. Andrew slept for a few hours and I laid down with my eyes closed for an hour and a half and no sleep would come. Can’t ever win. On the days when I am falling down asleep he’s wide awake and when he sleeps peacefully for a couple of hours I got no sleep to speak of.