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Hot Wieners at Rod’s Grille

Photo-A-Day #3023

I caught up with my buddy, the Hot Dog Man today to go to a joint in Warren, Rhode Island called Rod’s Grille. This is a Hot Wiener place. They have been around for a long time and it is up to the fourth generation working there. We met Meghan and Ray and learned all about the place. There is so much history going on there.

The reason that we were there at all was that my friend Meghan went there on her last trip home from Colorado and she posted a pic of her wieners, 3 all the way. I looked into the place and posted an update on their Facebook page and tagged the Hot Dog Stories Facebook Page. When Rob (The Hot Dog Man) asked me where to go on our trip I knew we should check out Rod’s. The video will be up soon as well as a set of photos that I took while there.

The Odyssey of Hot Dogs is Over

Photo-A-Day #2671

Thirty-one days of hot dogs has now come to an end. I did not make it to ever single hot dog trip along the National Hot Dog Month 2012 Tour but I did go to quite a few as Rob Merlino’s photographer and backup videographer. It was a very fun experience and I look forward to more adventures int he future.

The photo is of the “canned questions” that Rob asked each hot dog vendor along the tour. I think he is going to frame it. You can see all of those videos at the Hot Dog Man Channel on Youtube and read all about our adventures on Hot Dog Stories and you can see all the photo galleries at the Hot Dog Stories Facebook Page. Continue reading The Odyssey of Hot Dogs is Over