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The Future Man Cave

Photo-A-Day #2265

Today I delved deep into into the cleaning of the new house. I figured that with anything you’ve got to start at the bottom and work your way up. So I started in the basement. I took the shop vac over and some brooms. I swept and swept then began vacuuming the cobwebs and lots and lots of mouse poop. The basement was pretty well cleared out but there were a ton of poison traps and regular mouse traps all over the place. I took all of them down and found a couple of petrified mice. That was a bit gross but the worst was when I had clean and swept a whole area and then knocked a poison trap off the rafter and BAM! Mouse poop everywhere. More sweeping and more vacuuming. Continue reading The Future Man Cave

We Bought Us a House

Photo-A-Day #2264

After months of paperwork and planning and prodding, poking and prying we passed papers and are now proud owners of a new home. Today at 2:30pm we started signing our life away on very large stack of papers. The size of the signed vs unsigned pages started growing and we got there by 3:00pm. Our new keys were handed over and Allison, Dad and I went over to the house to look around. The house was completely cleaned out and ready for us to clean and paint. So tomorrow we will get to work cleaning up. I’ll take more photos then. Continue reading We Bought Us a House