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Colorful Reflections

Colorful Reflections
Photo-A-Day #1291

I drove to Oswego, New York today. That was after I had two doctor appointments. 1st was my usual 3 month check on my diabetes progress. I have to lose weight and exercise more. I think that with my new work schedule I can get to the gym in the morning and still have time with the family at night. The other appointment was an EMG to test the nerves in my legs and feet. I’ve had one of these before when I had my ulnar nerve moved in my left arm. I still have a wicked scar from that operation (18 staples around my elbow). Having the nerve conduction test that time was so painful that one shock at the end made me cry. The shock went from my neck to my pinky and was very, very painful. The shocks today were more and anticipation of pain than actual pain. The problem was I had had the tests before and I felt like a lab rat trying to avoid pain but who could not. There is a little beep before each shock and I was getting all tense before each beep. Not that fun.

And I got a Flu Shot too. Right now I feel like someone punched me in my left arm, repeatedly.

After that I drove from home to Oswego, New York. The drive was beautiful across Western, MA up through Albany and then up through Syracuse. There were many things to see but as it was it took me over 7 hours to make the drive so I didn’t get out and stop to take photos. When I got to my hotel I looked across the river (The hotel is right on the river) and saw the lights from a bar across the way making great reflections on the water so I played around with my manual settings, set the camera around my neck and then on to the railing and started shooting and adjusting my settings. I think it came out pretty good overall.

Don’t forget to get your Ultimate Fry Sauce Recipes in, I’ve got 7 entries so far and there is still time, you’ve got 10 days to get them in.