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Getting Some Time to Play

Photo-A-Day #2359

My friend Adam Cohen of DadaRocks.com turned me on to an event in New York called the Time To Play Holiday Showcase. He told me that I should request to attend so I did. I was able to get on the invite list and I’m headed to New York on Monday for a fun dinner and then on Tuesday to attend the showcase. With all the toys that I have and collections of mine I’m so surprised that I haven’t been to an event like this before. People are always surprised when I tell them I’ve never attended Toy Fair. I should have and now that I’m doing more toy related reviews maybe I will attend but Time to Play will be my first foray into this world and I couldn’t be more excited. Continue reading Getting Some Time to Play

New York Inspired

Photo-A-Day #2327

I took my camera out tonight and shot this longer exposure photo on the side of the road. I used the manual functions of my Kodak M580 to set the longer exposure and I used a police barrier and timer to keep it steady. This is a shot I probably wouldn’t have attempted with a point and shoot before but I really wanted to show a sense of a city in movement, constant movement in this photo. I think I did that. What do you think?