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Longhorn in Winter

Steer in Winter
Photo-A-Day #1431

It snowed once again in New England. On my way home I decided to take a shot of this sculpture. It is at work. I pass it every morning and because I come in so early the sun is usually coming up at the same time. Today the snow on the sculpture looked really nice so I turned the truck around to take a few shots from the truck. The snow was coming down too hard for it to be too clear.

Today I had a phone interview with the local newspaper with regards to the upcoming Blogs, Brews and Belly Laughs event. I’ve also been looking for some bloggers in the area to recruit people to come to the event. I was even invited to the event myself today, it was pretty funny.

Update 3/10/09 – My Dad just let me know that the article is in the paper. Apparently my photo is on the front page. And Dad also let me know that the sculpture is of a steer not a longhorn.

Eva is sick, she’s been up and down between being perfectly fine and then she’s upset. She won’t sleep so we are both up right now. Allison has been sick too, I can’t get this because of the event next week and Friday night. After that I can get it. Not that I want it.

Welcome Sun Chronicle Readers

Well imagine my surprise today as I was leaving church when Fr. Dave said to me in excitement that he had seen me on the front page of The Sun Chronicle. That is our local newspaper. I had been interviewed by Rick Foster about 3 weeks ago and then photographed by Martin Gavin. Well those images were on the front page today along with an article about local people who are using You Tube to post their own videos of the things that they are interested in.

The article was pretty interesting, there are quite a few other pepole who are uploading videos from the Attleboro area. There is a train enthusiast, some urban explorers and other interesting videos.

I will try and get episode #3 up today, that is the one I made when I was being photographed for this article. You can read the article, From river to Web on The Sun Chronicle website.

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