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Does Camera Size Matter?

Does Camera Size Matter
Photo-A-Day #1990

In Three days we are going to Walt Disney World. We’ve been there a few times before, like last May and so and each and every time we go I carry around a backpack full of cameras, diapers and other things to get us through the day. This trip I am going to try things a little differently. I’m still going to have the backpack and the diap… um Pull Ups, but a few days I am going to go sans DSLR. I’m not taking my laptop, just my iPad and not taking multiple video cameras, just the 1 Kodak PlaySport HD Waterproof Pocket Video Camera. I’ll give Eva my old Canon SD 800is and I’ll be shooting mostly on my Nikon D80 DSLR (on the DSLR days ) and also on a new Kodak EasyShare M580 14MP Digital Camera with 8x Wide Angle Optical Zoom and 3.0 Inch LCD . I should be receiving that in the mail right before we leave for Disney. I’m placing a lot of faith on our mail system lately and they are not always living up to that faith.

The cameras featured in the photo are not really cameras at all. PhotoJojo has some fun camera related toys that I purchased. The medium camera is actually a 4GB USB drive and the little tiny camera is a toy with interchangeable lenses too. More fun stuff for my desk at work.

How Does Drew Protect His Photos?
Model: GoFlex™ Ultra-portable Drive CAMERA
Interface USB 2.0 or 3.0
Capacity: 320GB – 1.5TB
Automatic Backup Software:PC & Mac:
Weight (typical): 150g (.33 lb)
Software: Pre–loaded backup software with encryption

Disclosure: I received a number of Seagate devices including the Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex 1 TB USB 2.0 Ultra-Portable External Hard Drive, GoFlex Home, GoFlex TV and GoFlex Net. I’ll be talking about these devices in the coming months. The opinions about the devices are 100% mine.

Kings of Karaoke

Photo-A-Day #1828

A busy day today. Zumba and ChildWatch for Allison and Eva while a haircut was on my plate. Then as a family we drove up to Lexington to the National Heritage Museum to see Ellis Paul give a talk titled THE REVOLUTIONARY SPIRIT OF AMERICAN FOLK MUSIC: PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE. We got there early and so we walked around the museum and saw many of the interesting exhibits including an installation of Jim Henson items. They had Gobo Fraggle, Kermit the Frog and Manha Mana on display. The that installation was a very good one and seeing Henson’s history before Sesame Street, The Muppets and the Fraggles. Henson started with some advertising campaigns and you can see the beginning of his characters in those designs. Eva liked the Fraggles.

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