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A New Chapter Unfolds with Paper Mario™: The Origami King

Paper Mario

We received a free download code for Paper Mario™: The Origami King so that we could play with and review the new title from Nintendo. Opinions are our own.

I am a real big fan of Mario and have played so many games starring this little dude. I have not, however, played a game where Mario is all made out of paper. This is not the first incarnation of Mario as a paper figure in a video game, though. It is the first one on the Nintendo Switch.

In this game you have been invited to Princess Peach’s castle. Just before you and your brother, Luigi arrive the castle is transformed and moved by the Origami King. He’s even made Princess Peach into an Origami figure and she now has a pretty nasty attitude. She’s out to get Mario and is in cahoots with the Origami King. Say it ain’t so, Peach! My suspicion is that she is not evil now but under some sort of spell that has to do with becoming an Origami figure.


Gameplay is not overly challenging. It is more of a challenge to find everything that you need to find as you explore the world. As Mario explores he can fix damaged areas by throwing confetti all over the place. You can find plenty more by shaking the Origami trees. Sometimes there are things that are out of Mario’s reach and for that he needs to use his new ability, the 1,000-Fold Arms. With this ability Mario can grab things and manipulate them. He can tear paper and accomplish other tasks.


Mario has a different way of fighting in this game. The bad guys attack him in waves but Mario can line up the villains in order to pull off some chained together attacks. This s where the challenge lies. Determining the best location for the enemy so that you can cause the most damage and avoid damage to yourself.


Mario is aided on this new adventure by Olivia who is the sister of the Origami King. You journey through this new world together and Olivia helps you find lost characters, use the 1,000-Fold Arms ability and more. No one is safe from King Olly as he plans to refold the world. He’s already gotten Bowser and many other characters. Friends and foes alike have been refolded and it is up to MArio to find them all and save them but also to save Peach an her castle. Is he up to it? Are you?


You can pick up the game in the Eshop or you can get the physical game. If you are looking to buy either on Amazon.com please consider using my affiliate links below.

Spend Time on the Track with Your Kids This Father’s Day – Mario Kart 8

Race Day with Andy

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00532

I received a download code for Mario Kart 8 from Nintendo for Father’s Day. Opinions are my own.

One of the games that I love playing most with the kids is Mario Kart. We’ve had several versions and the latest version is Mario Kart 8. I’ve had a copy of the game for a while and I think I got it specifically so that I could use it with the Nintendo Labo system that Nintendo sent to me. With the vehicle kit you can build a steering wheel and a gas pedal to play games but it also works with Mario Kart 8. Andy has been using that a lot recently. He’s practicing up to race against me. I’m the undefeated family champ. You don’t grow up with the NES and playing every day after school and lose that title willingly!

Disclaimer: Those images on our Switch Screens are screen grabs from two different sets of races. Our first set I won and so should have a gold trophy. I did not snap a photo. Andy did nd he had come in second so he has Silver. My screen is showing the results of our second set of races where I came in 3rd against the computer players and Andy came in 7th. So.. Still family undefeated.

Nintendo Bowser

So I had Mario Kart 8 already and I was offered a copy of a game from Nintendo for Father’s Day. They had a selection of really fun games like.

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons
  • Luigi’s Mansion 3
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3
  • Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield
  • Super Mario Odyssey
  • Super Mario Party
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  • The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

The thing is, I have all of them. Every single one. I had to decide what game would be the best to have a second copy of so that we could each play independently on our Nintendo Switch at the same time against each other. See, even though I have the game and the kid can play all of the games we own on their own Nintendo Switch you need two copies of the games to play at the same time. So what would be most fun to play head to head.

The choice was obvious. It had to be Mario Kart. A close second was Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and that may be an option at a later date but right now it is all about racing.

Andy and I took our individual Nintendo Switches to the backyard and hung out at the patio table and payed several races together tonight. You can choose to play up to 48 races in a shot! We only did 8 twice. As long as we are both on the same Wireless network we can be anywhere in the house and play against each other. It is so much fun having your own screen to play on but still play head to head. I think we’ll try doing this on my office TV and the Living Room TV. That way we both have huge screens to use.

What I am saying it that this Father’s Day if you want to spend some quality fun time with Dad get him a Nintendo game that you can both play.