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With Her Little Man

Photo-A-Day #2562

Andrew’s been really loving his mommy lately. He’s been fussy and only mommy will do. Also, do you like Allison’s new haircut, I think it looks great.

I had the kids last night while Allison went to an event to sell some Barefoot Books. For the most part Andrew did well but he wouldn’t sleep for me so I put him in the Boppy, tried to give him his bottle but he wasn’t having it.

So I turned on the TV and watched Thundercats and gave him his pacifier and his oball. He fell asleep clutching his oball within moments. Continue reading With Her Little Man

Figuring This Thing Out

Photo-A-Day #2513

Andrew likes his little Oball. He went crazy playing with it today. His little hands can easily grab it, squish it and chew on it. The ball is so squishy and easy for him to grasp. He kept trying to squash it to his face and chew on it. I love it because Andrew can really interact with the Oball even at 3 months old. It is so cute to watch him do this.