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Walking in the Woods with Andrew

Photo-A-Day #3280

Eva likes April Fools Day, yet she doesn’t quite understand it. She’s tried out a few April fools jokes but well, she’ll eventually get it. She suggested that we do jokes on the way to school. She did not appreciate when I told her that it was school switch day. I tried to convince her that we were going to a different school. She did not like that at all. The joke was on us though because when we got to school we had completely forgotten her backpack.

For the afternoon I took Andrew over to Bass Pro Shops so that we could walk around. He enjoyed it and it got him out of the house. Walking all around the store was an adventure for him. He loved the turtles and watching the fishies. I look forward to more walks with him as the weather gets better.

Explore the Outdoors with PBS Kids

The weather has turned nice around here and we have been having a lot of fun playing outside. I’ve cleaned nearly the whole yard (with more to go). We are preparing to get the garden together to plant some vegetables, too. It is a perfect time to get outside. PBS Kids also thinks it is a great time to explore the outdoors and they are kicking off four weeks of special episodes of their shows leading up to Earth Day.

PBS Kids is also working with The National Recreation and Park Association. A new site has been created to help kids and parents get inspired to explore the outdoors. The site is PBS KIDS: Explore the Outdoors. You can learn more about the site, events and programming in the press release below. Continue reading Explore the Outdoors with PBS Kids