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QCC Kayaks on sale

QCC Kayaks is a company that has American made kayaks of very high quality. I am trying to win one from Paddling.net. Paddling.net has a sweepstakes from time to time where they give away some fantastic prizes.

But if I do not win there is always the $500.00 off sale at QCC Kayaks. The kayaks that they make are rather expensive but $500.00 makes the hit a little less intense.

If you are looking to get into kayaking and buying your first kayak you should take a look at the guide to buying a kayak that as been set up over at QCC Kayaks. I know that I should have looked into that back when I was starting out. I just picked one out and went paddling. I was lucky and I like my boat but I think it is time to upgrade soon.

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Paddling.net Sweepstakes

Paddling.net has started a new sweepstakes. If you are not signed up for the Paddling.net newsletter than you really should. I am a member of Paddling.net and I really enjoy the site. It has to be one of the best places for Kayak information. Paddling.net does cool sweepstakes often and the prizes are spectacular. This month they have a great prize package including an Eddyline Fathom. You can register for the sweepstakes each day up until July 12, 2007.

Sign up for Paddling.net today, maybe you could be a winner.

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