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Barefoot Books March 26th Pottery Monsters

Allison and I are selling Barefoot Books and we are doing our kickoff one week from today. It just so happens that a fantastic event is happening at the Barefoot Books store in Concord. They sent me the info and invited us to attend but we can’t go. I wanted to pass the info on to you in case you can take your kids to Concord next Saturday. It looks like a fun event.

Join Us to Celebrate the Grand Opening of Pottery Painting at Barefoot Books Studio, Concord

Who: Families with children of all ages

What: Join us on Saturday, March 26 for a full day of family fun at the Barefoot Books Studio to celebrate the opening of our new paint-your-own-pottery studio. Families can choose from more than 100 different pottery designs, including animal mugs, little monsters, and princess, castle, and crown boxes, and let their creativity flow! More than 50 vibrant paint colors will be available to decorate your pottery to your heart’s content, such as orange ya happy, blueberry hill, ruby slippers, and sour apple. Continue reading Barefoot Books March 26th Pottery Monsters

In The Jungle

In The Jungle
Photo-A-Day #1530

Came home from work today and Eva and I played with her animals. She has a wide variety of the Fisher Price Amazing Animals. I got them for her a little at a time. Now she has a regular menagerie and I love it. These are heavy duty toys that she can bang around and enjoy the heck out of. We had so much fun making them “jump”. She loves to jump but doesn’t really do it, she flexes her knees and says “Jump”. She loves it when we jump though, that cracks her right up.

Today I posted the first in a series of what I hope to see as regular posts on the I’m Not A Famous Blogger IZEA Insider Crew Blog. I decided that rather than keep the url and just point it to my bio (as I Am Not A Famous Blogger and all) I would revamp the blog and make it a way in which I could reach out to my IZEA Insider crew members. I’m sending out invitations to be interviewed to each and every member and I hope that you enjoy reading them and learning about many interesting bloggers. The first interview is with Justin Germino aka DragonBlogger.

Today is also my parent’s anniversary. Eva and I called Mom and Dad tonight and Eva even said Happy Anniversary. It was very cute. Happy 36th Anniversary Mom and Dad.