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Goodbye Miami and all my PBS Friends.

Photo-A-Day #2959

Day three of the conference began with a breakfast sponsored by the new PBS Kids show called Peg + Cat. We got to see a bunch of cute clips from the show and learned more about the show from creators Bill Aronson and Jennifer Oxley. Peg + Cat is a show about a young girl who solves her really big problems with Math. It is wonderful to see a show that tackles math with a female lead character. Peg is adorable and Cat is very funny with some great one liners and even one “word-ers”. At our tables we each received a book that contained part of the story from the first episode. The clips we saw focused on how 100 is a very big number and Peg + Cat had to gather up 100 escaped chickens on a farm before they could enjoy some juicy and gooey pie. You will notice a whole bunch of math related things in the show from the clouds shaped like infinity symbols to division and multiplication symbols on the armor when Peg + Cat pretend to be knights. The whole show takes place on graph paper too where Peg can write out the problems to help get to a solution. Continue reading Goodbye Miami and all my PBS Friends.