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Walking Around the Park

Photo-A-Day #2527

I’ve been talking walks this past week to get my physical fitness level up. I’ve been a wicked bump on a log for far too long and so I’m trying to get out there and move. I’m using an app on my iPhone called the Pedometer Ultimate app and it has been great. The app records my walk and also keeps GPS info on where I walked. When I am done with the walk I simply hit stop and automatically the app posts my results to Facebook and Twitter. Continue reading Walking Around the Park

Her Own Style

Photo-A-Day #2525

Today Allison and I took Eva on a special date. She dressed herself before we left. Bright pink dress and brightly colored tights plus a feathered boa. She had so much fun dancing around and asking for me to take photos. She danced around and kept dancing and posing and asking me to take photos. She was so adorable. Just being a sweet little wonderful girl. Continue reading Her Own Style