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PBS Annual Meeting 2015 – Day 3

Photo-A-Day #3687

It was a very short day at the PBS Annual Meeting today. For the PBS Kids VIPS we were able to go to the opening breakfast that was put on for Ready, Jet Go! This is a new Space themed show which looks like it will be a lot of fun. The show centers around Jet, an alien boy who makes friends with the neighborhood kids and takes them on adventures into Space. The show was created by Craig Bartlett who created Dinosaur Train. The interstitials will be done by Dr. Amy Mainzer. She will be teaching kids all about Space and what I’ve seen so far is something that I know my kids will enjoy.

Today’s image is of Ken Hubbell. He draws the notes from all the PBS sessions and they are amazing.

After the breakfast it was time for the PBS Kids showcase. This session was all about the PBS kids shows that will be happening this coming year as well as many educational endeavours of PBS. This was also the session where there are goodie bags. I forgot all about them until I got in and I wondered how was I going to take everything home. There were all sorts of things in the bags including some wooden cars and Wild Kratts mini stuffed animals. Continue reading PBS Annual Meeting 2015 – Day 3