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Macro Perceptor Autobot Scientist

Photo-A-Day #1686

I’ve been playing with an Eye-Fi that I got from a SocialSpark opportunity and today before I left work I took a bunch of Macro shots of my Transformers. When I got home they automatically uploaded to my computer and to my Picasa Account. I’m trying to use Picasa more now along with Shuttercal, Zooomr and Flickr. There will be many more of them soon that I’ll be uploading to.

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Ted Murphy on Cybertron

Ted Murphy Visits Cybertron

Looks like Ted Murphy is everywhere, well at least his head is. Ted is compiling a gallery of himself with his readers, since he cannot be in all places at once he created the printable Ted Murphy head. I’d have taken a photo of Ted’s head with me but why, I’ve met the guy and we have actual pictures together. Like this one.

Ted Murphy Gave Me Pink Eye!