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Book Review: Motor Dog

We were sent a copy of Motor Dog to read and review. Opinions are 100% our own.

For a little boy who doesn’t always sit still it is nice to find a book that has plenty of fast action to keep him interested. Motor Dog is that fast paced story filled with humor and heart. A young boy, Flip, decides that he wants a robot dog. What he gets is Motor Dog. Motor Dog is a robot but has the heart of man’s est friend and the instincts to match. Instincts like chasing cats. Of course Motor Dog doesn’t simply run on his legs he has a score of enhancements that he uses to get around and quickly.

I really enjoyed the story and it was fun to read to Andrew. He enjoyed seeing the actions of Motor Dog on each dynamic page. Continue reading Book Review: Motor Dog

Oliver – A Stern Look

Photo-A-Day #3258

Oliver is our old man kitty these days. With the two younger cats around he’s pretty much keeping to himself. That is until we are watching TV on the couch. He will come over and lay right on Allison’s lap. That is when he isn’t running away from everyone or swatting at the younger kitties. He’s taken over being the grouchy cat but he is still lovable when he wants to be.