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Take Action to Reform the Changes to CPSIA

The other day I posted quite a few videos on the subject of a new law that goes into effect on February 10, 2009. It will hurt many small businesses and in fact it is already making a detrimental impact to many of them. My friend Tristan provided me with links to resources where you the consumer, manufacturer, parent and concerned citizen can go to educate yourself on this issue and help the fight to get reform so that we can work together to save these small hardworking businesses.

Tristan states in an e-mail to me.

SUPER double great point – our cherished right / responsibility as citizens includes knowing who to contact and how to make our voices heard, to shape our government.

She then provided me with a ton of links for you.

Here are links to allow citizens to contact their reps in their states:



The following links – some where people can sign petitions.

Generals threads for anyone :

for toy makers :

for children’s clothing, doll clothes, hair bows, and accessory makers :

Also a class action lawsuit that’s being put together – http://reformcpsia.org/2009/01/class-action-lawsuit/#usermessagea

Take some action or we could wind up with cheaply made plastic crap for the rest of our children’s lives.