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Taking Stock of Simple Times

Photo-A-Day #2896

When my kids get older the amount of photos that they will have of themselves is going to be staggering. When I was a kid my Dad took a ton of photos, my uncle as well but because they were using film being able to take a lot of photos and keep the best ones was virtually impossible. Lucky for me my Dad is a very good photographer and he captured special family moments all the time. I am lucky that I learned photography from him. I try to capture those simple special moments with my own family.

Here are some of my tips for capturing those special moments.

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Enhance your Photography Knowledge

A few years ago I learned about Photography Corner. Photography corner is an amazing resource for photographers of all levels of skill. An important resource on the site would be the Articles by Amy. These are articles that are written by Amy Renfrey who is the author of the e-book Digital Photography for Success.

Amy’s knowledge and easy writing style are very helpful to digital photographers, whether they just be starting out or are seasoned professionals. I read a few of the articles so far and think that they are Great Photography Articles that you should be sure to read.

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