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Easy Photo Tips – Inexpensive Backgrounds

Classic Comicbook Donatello
Photo-A-Day #4359

My friend Linsey asked me how I was getting a certain effect to my photos recently. She wanted to know what I was using and the answer was super simple. I bought two pieces of posterboard that had a two tone color to them. One is blue to yellow and the other is yellow to pink. I’ve been using them for a while now and I am noticing that my photos are looking very much the same. They are better for filming and for showcasing the toys. I’ll be picking up some more posterboard soon in different colors to match the different toys better.

So the technique is placing the posterboard down at a curve so that there are no angles. Then the light makes the poster a bit shiny at the curve. I’m going to figure out better ways to use these and the lights that I use for filming my videos. As I learn more I will make more videos like the one below.

Barely a Sprinkle

Photo-A-Day #3334

It was a nice day for sleeping today. It was cool and it had rained so there were drops of water all over the flowers. When we got home from Church I took a photo of the Rhododendron. When I was processing my photos I saw that last year on almost the exact same day I took a photo of a Rhododendron flower. I’ve noticed that I have done this a couple of times. The same subjects around the same time of year.

I was coming home from work this morning and on Sundays I pass by a pond. Today there was mist rising from the pond and a solo canoeist was out on the water. I saw a great shot but I would have had to be in the middle of this busy roadway. I pulled over and tried shooting through the trees and got a few but not as good a one as I saw in my minds eye on that roadway. I see so many great shots as I drive that can only be taken from that spot in the middle of a highway or busy road. Here is the best photo of the bunch.