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I’ve been Everywhere

I love that Johnny Cash song. Did you know that I have been to all but 7 of the States? It is true. Technically I have been in Utah and Washington but I didn’t get out of the airport and that just doesn’t count for being in a State. There is a great site that go to where you can make your own 50 states map. You can even make maps of the places you have been in other countries. I will have to grab the Canada one too because I spent many trips going to Canada. Vancouver was my favorite place ever.

I have added my own map to My Bio and you can add your own Map to your blog too. Just click the link below the map.

I would like to credit Robyn for my discovery of this cool Map. Thanks Robyn

create your own visited states map

Photo-A-Day #718 03/27/07

No Hockey Sticks

Happy Birthday to my sister, Tara!

I am in Grand Rapids, MN tonight. I had a demo this afternoon and then I met up with another demonstrator named Katie who flew in from Boston today. We rode together to our next site. I pretty much talked her ear off the entire way to Grand Rapids. She is now reading this blog. Well, maybe not right now but she’s begun reading it. Continue reading Photo-A-Day #718 03/27/07