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Green Peppers are Growing

Photo-A-Day #3381

A few months ago I bought a Patio Picker and some seedlings at Lowe’s. I got two tomato plants and four pepper plants. We planted our seedlings and got them ready to go. For a while I was worried that they would not do well but then all of the plants took off. I had to put tomato cages on the tomato plants and we have seen some peppers on the pepper plants and some tomatoes as well. We’re looking forward to having these plants to eat as soon as they are ready. As long as animals don’t eat them and Andrew doesn’t go and pick them.

He’s tried.

Red Shell Beetle

Photo-A-Day #1503

Slow day around here. Allison and Eva are back to their routine. Swimming on Wednesdays and back to work for Allison. Back to work for me. I have so many photos from the past weekend and yet to really go through them. There are over 1000+. It is a rather tall order. I’ll get them posted as soon as I can. Things are starting to back up a bit. I hope that I can get ahead a but to take care of everything.