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Spinning Top – Daily Vlog

Spinning Top - Daily Vlog
Photo-A-Day #3939

Today was all about play groups, playgrounds, a Spinning Top and Operation Naptime. Despite it being Friday it was a good day. You might be saying to yourself, what is so bad about Friday? It is the start of the weekend. Well, for most people that is cause to celebrate. For me it is cause to completely flip myself upside down to sleep in the day and stay awake for the night. Many Fridays I have attempted to get Andrew to sleep. You might remember just last week where I had an awful time getting a nap out of Andrew. Well, today was pretty successful in terms of getting Andrew to nap and also for me to have some sleep time. He slept for 2 hours and I slept for an hour and a half. It isn’t ideal in the grand scheme of things but it was enough to maybe keep me from passing out around 4am into my keyboard.

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Photo-A-Day #3806

With the school year starting back up Andrew and I are starting a whole new routine. He’s in all day daycare on Mondays while I sleep then starting next week he’ll be going to school Tuesdays and Thursdays with Wednesdays for Play Group and maybe Lunch Bunch at the library. He was excited to be back at play group today because he got to cut up some paper and glue it onto some other paper. It is the simple things in life for Andrew. He does like to get the chance to use scissors whenever he can, though and glue, forget it. The kid loves both of those things.

I enjoy bringing him to play group, too. He gets to get out some energy and I get to talk with a few parents for a little while. We are lucky that our city has a program like this. It is completely free for residents. There are also some other programs for parents out of Project Connect that are useful.