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Eva Reviews: Moana, Starlight Canoe & Friends

Moana Starlight Canoe and Friends
Photo-A-Day #4277

We recieved the Moana, Starlight Canoe & Friends to play with and review. Opinions are our own.

Eva helped me with this review by playing with the toy and telling me about it on the video below. We loved the movie Moana when we saw it as a family. There were so many great parts to it including the information about wayfinding. Wayfinding is the special way in which people from the Pacific Islands navigated the oceans. The canoe that Moana has in the movie and the other ones that she discoveres are very close to the look of a special canoe that is making its way around the world, the Hokulea. This double hulled canoe is being sailed by a group of peopel who have been learning the art of wayfinding before it is lost forever. It is so cool that a kids movie touches upon something that is so close to the heart of the Pacific Islands.

This is a pretty nice playset. The doll is an excellent one and looks great compared to her movie counterpart. The figures of Pua and Hei Hei are also done really well. Pua is the best of the bunch, he looks just like the character. The canoe is okay but the “gentle rocking motion” is not exactly that gentle. It rocks from side to side with a lot of extra motion. So much so that pua and Hei Hei fall off when you move it. Eva will talk more about it in the video.

Also, below the video is a clip from the movie Moana.

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Pie Face Showdown – Father vs Son Edition!

Pie Face Showdown - Father and Son
Photo-A-Day #4265

Hasbro sent us the new Pie Face Showdown for free to play with and review. This is part of my #PlayLikeHasbro series. We had a great time and opinions are our own.

Smacking someone in the face with a shipped cream pie is as hilarious now as it always was. Now Hasbro has a few different versions of their popular game Pie Face. We checked out Pie Face Showdown where you go head to head with a family member, friend or rival.Each person taps their side of the game and that moves the hand towards their opponent. Whoever gets their hand over to their rival first ends up launching a handful of whipped cream in their face.Andrew and I had so much fun messing around with this game, especially covering each other’s faces with Whipped Cream. Lots of laughs with this game. You can see in our video below.