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Some Zelda Gameplay & Smashburger

Photo-A-Day #4464

I keep working on the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Sword Trials. I have completed the lower trials. These are the easiest ones, the first 15. Once I do that the Master Sword gets 10 points stronger. You are transported back to the Korok forest to start the middle trials. I discovered that it makes no sense to try and do the first 15 again in hopes that you continue to the next fifteen with the items that you found in the first set of trials. So, you do each set of trials to upgrade the Master sword 10 points at a time. Right after the part of video that I finished I got killed by a tougher enemy. I was one level away from finishing the Middle trials. Ouch.

Allison and the kids are visiting with our in-laws tonight and when they are away I tend to head over to Smashburger for dinner. I just love that place. Such good burgers and their fried pickles are great! I am always social when I am there, posting pictures of the meals and such. I posted today’s photo to Instagram and twitter and the usual places where you can find me.

Unboxing The cursed Tiki Temple Adventure Pack for Skylanders Imaginators on the Nintendo Switch

Skylanders Sensei Wildstorm - Cursed Tiki Temple Adventure Pack
Photo-A-Day #4370

Activision sent me the Cursed Tiki Temple Adventure Pack with Skylanders Sensei Wildstorm, a Life Creation Crystal and an imaginite chest with over 80 parts.

Wildstorm is a Knight Battle Class Sensei of the Air Element and having him unlocks a whole new level, the Cursed Tiki Temple level. It is full of all new baddies and lots of fun.

I loaded in the character as well as the imaginite chest full of 80 imaginite items. Now I have a ton of new stuff to use to create new Imaginator characters. On top of that there was the new Life Creation Crystal and despite already having that design I can still use it to create a new character of a different battle class.

I noticed that the chest provided new ultimate weapons for the imaginators. One weapon for each battle class. Something I failed to point out in the video below. The video shows you more about the character, his catch phrase and much more. Of of the cooler looking characters to come along.


Activision sent me the gameplay video to use in my video. I am still working out how to capture great gameplay on my Nintendo Switch so that I can give you more gameplay videos. This new Adventure Pack releases on April 7, 2017.