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Moosh-Moosh Slipperz, Sequins and Series 3

The Kids and their Moosh-Mossh

We received some of the brand new Moosh-Moosh Slipperz and even a Sequined faced Bubblegum the Narwhal plus a Blossom the Caticorn and some caticorn slipperz for free to try out and review. Opinions are our own.

Soft and squishy toys are a big deal. The kids love them and I am constantly picking them up and stepping on them and maybe even cuddling with them on my own. We recently did a big unboxing of Moosh-Moosh toys for Christmas but gave them all to Christmas is for Kids. I was in a purging mood and didn’t want anything more in the house. So, when I was asked if I’d check out some of the newest Moosh-Moosh toys I said, sure because I knew the kids would love them. Eva loved how soft and squishy they were when she did her first unboxing. This time I carefully selected the Moosh-Moosh for each of the kids.

For Eva I choose BLOSSOM THE CATICORN and for Andrew I choose the BUBBLEGUM THE NARWHAL – SEQUIN FACED. Andrew loves Narwhals. He even has some ornaments of them on his Christmas tree. We were also offered some of the new slipperz. I chose the DRAC THE DRAGON SLIPPERZ ones for Andrew and myself and the LUCY THE LLAMACORN SLIPPERZ for Eva. The thing is, I forgot the name of that one and thought they were also caticorns but she insisted Llama and she was right. You can see our unboxing here.

And our previous unboxing

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Opening Mystery Surprizamalz Series 1 Cuties – Blind Bag Unboxing


We were given some Surprizamals Series 1 Cuties for free in order to review and play with. Opinions are 100% our own.

The kids open some mystery Surprizamalz capsules. Surprizamals are cute, collectible pop out play friends love to hide in Surprizaballs, so you never know which pet you’ll get! Cuties are teeny tiny and oh so cute! They are made of soft plush and these adorable animals are cuddly, soft and snuggly. With 12 pop out play friends to collect, these fun Surprizamals Cuties include must-have chasers and ultra-rare Surprizamals pets. Pop them open for hours of fun and start collecting today! The MSRP is $4.99 Ages 3+.

The kids loved these little animals. They were thrilled to pen them up and discover what was inside. I can only imagine how excited they would be to open the larger Suprizamalz. There are three various lines at this time. There are the cuties (exclusive to Justice), the small ones like the kids opened, the Softies which are larger and they are everywhere and then the Wackys line that is exclusive to Toys R US. You can go to the Surprizamals site and see how collectible all the characters are because there are collectors, Rare and Ultra-Rare Surprizamals. What ones will you find?