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SwagsGiving 2 Giveaway: My Little Pony

To kick of SwagsGiving we have some toys that are pretty big hits in our house. I’m talking My Little Pony. When My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic debuted on The Hub, we were there. I figured I’d try out this new show with Eva and see what she thought of it. I certainly was surprised to become such a fan of a show about cute little ponies. But these are not the My Little Ponies of my, ahem… sister’s, youth. No, these are ponies from a smart and funny hit show that boasts tons of male viewers called bronies. I consider myself one of those guys. This show bridged the gap for kids shows to watch with Eva. I enjoy the show as much as she does. Continue reading SwagsGiving 2 Giveaway: My Little Pony

I’m No Pioneer Woman

Photo-A-Day #1726

The Pioneer Woman blog is a pretty amazing one. Ree has created something really amazing. Her photos are incredible and many times they are of the animals on the ranch. I don’t have any animals except for Oliver and Duncan and an occasional trip to the zoo. However I do have a herd of roaming ponies.

Continue reading I’m No Pioneer Woman