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Pope John Paul II dies at 84

Pope John Paul II died today at 9:37pm (2:37pm EST). We’ve been watching the news most of the day about the Pope’s deteriorating health. There are many things that this Pope did that were revolutionary and his time as Pope has changed the Catholic church in many positive ways. There are still some changes that I feel need to take place but now is not the time to talk of them. Now is the time to remember a man who was in many senses of the word, great. He was great in his humility and his service to his people. He was great in bringing together the world’s youth as evidenced by his support of young people and the overwhelming crowds of youth who were in the square today. Yes the world will mourn his passing but will celebrate the great things that he accomplished as Pope.

We watched mostly NECN throughout the day and one of the members of our church Ernie Colamatti was on as an expert. I did a double take when I heard his name, I was like, hey he sits up front at church, I know his son and wife.

The Vatican website already has changed to reflect the Pope’s passing.

Vatican Website.

Mitch Hedberg, Frank Perdue

Actor/Comedian Mitch Hedberg passed away of a heart attack today. Allison and I are watching his comedy central special. He was a funny guy. Also here is another link with some of Mitch’s quotes. Mitch’s website has been taken down. No memorial page there yet. His site is mitchhedberg.net but I’m not sure if anything will be posted there. After the special there was an in memorial photo and final quote by Mitch which he ended his special with, “I love you guys” and under his picture and the dates of his life and death it said we loved you too. I won;t lie it kinda got me a bit choked up.

Frank Perdue also passed away today. I really miss the Perdue chicken ads that he used to do. His son is funny also but I really liked Frank’s commercials. The Perdue website has photo of Frank on the first page of the website.

Goodbye Mitch and Frank.

Also as we know Pope John Paul II’s health is rapidly deteriorating. Let us pray that he does not suffer too long. MSNBC had some great information about the life of Pope John Paul II. At the Vatican’s website there is a place to send well wishes via e-mail to Pope John Paul II. The Vatican’s website is pretty high tech and up to date. So many things in so many different languages.