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Long Overdue Popesmas

The four kids

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00433

Today one of our close friends came down with her kids to celebrate a long overdue Popesmas. Popesmas is a post Christmas Thanksgiving meal that we have with our friends who have the last name of Pope. We called it that once and the name stuck. So, 3/5 of the Popes came down to visit, have a turkey dinner lunch and go to Eva’s basketball game.

Eva played in a game this afternoon as part of the St. John’s Tournament. Unfortunately her team did not win. They played very hard but were outscored. At least Eva has a nice time wit her friends.

Then we all went back to the house and the kids played together. The boys played in one place and the girls in another. They all came together right before leaving to play Dungeon Mayhem. The rest of the cards that I had ordered arrived today and I added them to the Monster Mayhem box. It was great seeing them all play nicely together.