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Anki OVERDRIVE gets a release date of September, 20 2015


The most incredible thing that I saw at Toy Fair 2015 was Anki OVERDRIVE. I had heard nothing about it previously and when I experienced it I was completely hooked. It was amazing. Imagine your favorite racing video game with real physical cars but you drive them with your mobile device. So, in addition to physically driving the cars you can also digitally upgrade them with more armor, power, speed and weapons. The other cool thing is that not only are you able to race the track on your own you can race again a virtual opponent who drives the physical car! Anki OVERDRIVE cars have AI and they can race the track against you.

Anki OVERDRIVE Commander Sever

With Anki OVERDRIVE you can participate in more challenges than just racing against yourself or a friend or the computer AI driver. You are connected to a whole community of other Anki OVERDRIVE drivers. The community of Anki Drivers can see all sorts of challenges on the Anki Facebook Page. It is a very engaging space where Anki asks drivers questions and give fun facts about all the drivers and what they’ve done each week. Right now the Facebook page is putting up all sorts of Game Stats for their first version of Anki but they are gearing up for that September 20, 2015 release of Anki OVERDRIVE. Here’s a look at the new Starter Pack which is retailing at $150.00

Anki OVERDRIVE Starter Kit

Starter Kit Includes – (2) two robotic supercars – Skull and GroundShock, (4) straight track pieces, (6) 90 degree curved pieces, (2) riser pieces, (1) four-car charger, (1) tire cleaning kit

The new track is amazing. It is all magnetic and can be easily set up and reconfigured over and over. And the cars, oh man the cars. Each of the Anki cars are so cool. they are sleek and fast and light up, spin around and are just amazing. I could not believe how fast the cars were going around the track and still staying on. I thought for sure that they would go flying off the track but they didn’t. They drove with such precision. I cannot wait to drive them again. I may have to pick up one of the older cars because they can work with some of the modes of the new Anki OVERDRIVE. You can read more about this new amazing toy below. Continue reading Anki OVERDRIVE gets a release date of September, 20 2015

Review: MEGA Bloks Hot Wheels Super Race 8 in 1

Andrew with the MEGA Blog Hot Wheels Super Race 8 in 1 set

We received a MEGA Bloks set from the Hot Wheels line call the Super Race 8 in 1. I saw this at Toy Fair and it looked cute for younger kids to create various hot wheels inspired cars to play with. These cars are not as detailed as the rest of the Hot Wheels line from MEGA Bloks but they are still fun to build. Opinions are 100% my own as usual.

Andrew helped me with this product review. I figures this would be a fun set for the two of us to work on. He’s a little young for the set and building but he sure helps separate the colors and pieces well.

Sorting Wheels for Daddy

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