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Swag that I received from IZEAFest 2009

My box of IZEAFest swag.. I...

At every conference I have ever attended I’ve been loaded down with Swag. I have to pack separate bags just to take it home and sometimes I even have to ship it home. It takes me a while to go through all of it and make follow ups with all the great people that gave me things so I apologize for this post being rather late. However, the swag I’m talking about is not what you think.

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Jack Be Little

Photo-A-Day #1661

Today we took Eva over to Attleboro Farms after Church. Our friend Greg owns the place and his wife Adrienne went to school with me but met Allison through Swimming lessons at the YMCA. I swear Allison makes more connections with my old friends through the YMCA. Whenever I went there I hardly ever saw anyone I knew. However, it is great that the YMCA has so many programs and that Allison and Eva can go to them together.

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