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Ravage wants to be a Thundercat

Photo-A-Day #2597

My friend Mike (Uncle Mike, Loki) saw this Ravage USB device online and said that I must have it. So, the other day when I got home from my travel Odyssey he was at the house and had it for me. I missed him because as I came in the back door he was pulling away from the house and I caught him long enough to say hello. Later Eva gave me the Ravage USB and told me it was from Uncle Mike. It is pretty cool. It is a perfect form for Ravage now too. Continue reading Ravage wants to be a Thundercat

Ted Murphy on Cybertron

Ted Murphy Visits Cybertron

Looks like Ted Murphy is everywhere, well at least his head is. Ted is compiling a gallery of himself with his readers, since he cannot be in all places at once he created the printable Ted Murphy head. I’d have taken a photo of Ted’s head with me but why, I’ve met the guy and we have actual pictures together. Like this one.

Ted Murphy Gave Me Pink Eye!