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Our Little Heartbreaker Rebelle

Photo-A-Day #3076

Nerf has this new line of dart blasters and accessories aimed at girls. The line is called Rebelle and we were sent a Heartbreaker Bow to try out and review. We’ll be using it in an upcoming project that we’ve been working on for Cooper and Kid.

Eva was thrilled to get this toy and couldn’t wait for us to do the project so she had me open it up today. The first time I tried this out the dart barely went anywhere but then I read the instructions I was able to get the dart to shoot well over the fence and across the driveway from the back yard. Eva was able to do so as well.

The Heartbreaker bow has a bunch of features to it. There is a clip that can attach to it that holds 5 darts. There are other items that can be attached to the toys in the Rebelle line. There are crossbows, bow and arrow, and multiple blasters. The darts are all decorated and there is even a clip on accessory that lets you attach an iPhone or iPod Touch to play a special game with friends. I like the line and so does Eva. Can’t wait to put it to the test when we finally get all of our Monsters created.

There are quite a few games to play at the Nerf Rebelle site as well. There you can learn more about the line and play the fun games.