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My Photography Partner

Photo-A-Day #2168

Eva and I enjoy taking walks together and taking photos. When I ask her if she would like to go for a walk she also asks if we’ll be taking photos and if she can have one of the cameras. She does enjoy the gadgets. She’s shooting with the Kodak M580 and on it there is a FlipBac. The FlipBac serves as a protective cover for the LCD. It also has a mirror and you can shoot with the camera at different angles. You just look at the mirror and the reflection in the LCD. Continue reading My Photography Partner

Reflections in Chrome

Reflections in Chrome
Photo-A-Day #1504

Today was a work at home day. When work was over I took Eva for a nice walk down to visit Allison at work. We picked her up and then walked home. When we got home we visited with my mom and Eva found the bumper of my Dad’s truck fascinating. I only had the cell phone camera with me but it was enough for this fun little image.

I don’t want to brag but I will, my little girl can now say “Massachusetts” clear and distinct at 19 months. Heck I can’t even spell the word without help from spell check most of the time. Allison informed me today that we need to start looking at getting her name on the books for a pre-school. Yikes.

I started going back over our trip to Disney and recapping each day and adding the photos to Flickr. I have Friday’s Animal Kingdom photos up now.