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It’s a Major Award

Photo-A-Day #1941

Today was the Allison’s Family Reunion. It was a gathering of her grandparents, their children and grandchildren and great grandchildren. We’ve been having these sort of events at Aunt Jan’s house for the past few years and they are a lot of fun. This year was one of the best in my opinion. This year we got together and had a Steak Tip Recipe Competition. See, we can’t just get together to get together, there is always an element of game play or competition involved. I like that. Continue reading It’s a Major Award

The 15 year Reunion, I need to win a Wii…

My 15 year High School reunion is coming up on November 24th. I have been working with one of my former classmates on the planning of the reunion as well as mailing out of materials and practically begging people to attend. Our responses have been so low and we are scrambling. The reunion is also a fund raiser for another former classmate, Becky. Her family has had a rough time with Cancer and her husband, Mike is still fighting it. Cancer sucks.

So why am I talking about a Wii. Well, at the 15 year Reunion I would like to auction off a Nintendo Wii as one of the prizes in the silent auction that we are having to raise money for Beck and Mike and their three beautiful little girls. I’ve been collecting donations and selling a Calendar to help raise money. I make $2.97 per calendar and $2.00 goes right to the family. If I have enough to do so I would like to buy an iPod or even a Nintendo Wii to give away at the silent auction. Donation have been awesome too. With nearly $100.00 so far. I know that overall it is only a drop in the bucket but every bit helps.

There is a contest going on at Everybody Loves Coupons. This blog is a great place to find out the latest and greatest coupon codes online. Did you know that you can really save a lot of money online by using coupons. It is true. I have saved money on shipping, discounts on overall price and sometimes I have even gotten free stuff, all from coupon codes.

Everybody Loves Coupons is giving away a Nintendo Wii and Mario Party 8. We don’t have that game but we do have a Wii. The Wii would go right to the silent auction. I hope that we have enough items to give to the silent auction. As well as enough people to attend so that we can cover the cost of the venue and still have enough money to give Becky and Mike a nice Donation. If you would like to help please buy a calendar or you can donate through the PayPal donation button on the top right sidebar.