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Road Warriors Return

Travel Buddy
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00177

We said goodbye to Auntie Tara today and headed back home. We had a good flight back. This time I sat with the kids while Allison had the extra seat in the other row. The kids were great on the flight and it was a quick shot back home. We got back and got our car from Pre-flight then went right to Bliss Bros for lunch.

Andrew and Lambie

While we were in the airpoirt, however, Andrew started something new. He asked me to take his photo with his lovey, Lambie. He doesn’t often ask for his photo taken and he wanted to have it taken by the silhouette of the man. The silhouette of the man indicating that it was the men’s bathroom. Sure, why not.

Andrew and Lambie at Bliss

When he arrived at Bliss Andrew again asked me to take his photo with Lambie. This time in front of the cow mural at Bliss. We had a nice lunch, ran into friends and when lunch was over and the ice cream was finished Andrew asked again for a photo.

Andrew and Lambie at Milk Cart

This time he wanted a photo of he and Lambie in front of the Milk Wagon that they have on display inside the store. I asked him why so many photos of he and Lambie. He said that he wanted to have a slideshow of the places he has gone. He came up with this on his own.