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In a Frenzy

In a Frenzy
Photo-A-Day #1404

Actually not really although I probably should be. I am still kicking a cold that knocked me out last week. That is slowly making its way though my system. I need to buy tissues for the woman who sits next to me because I’ve used half the box.

Today was a productive day actually. I am getting more attuned to the role of a trainer and today did one of the group presentations on Critical Access Hospitals. There is a ton of information out there on these hospitals. Very cool stuff including maps and everything so today’s demo was pretty visual as well as me speaking. Still not exactly motivating or riveting but it does provide a service to the team. My next item is a project that is a service to the whole company, nothing like jumping right into the fire.

Today I also did some searching for numbers because I won a competition and the prize was a vacation valued at 1500 British Pounds. It was from a promotion that I learned about from FuelMyBlog. The contest was through Sony-Ericsson. I found out that I had won a while ago and have been waiting for the contact to contact me. I had the choice of them picking 3-5 trips and I chose the one I wanted or I could come up with my own trip. I decided to come up with my own trip.

While it would be awesome to go overseas and have a great adventure I figured that I’d rather stay somewhere stateside instead. There is much of this country that I still have not seen. And one of the states that I have not seen yet is Arizona. Back in December of 2006 I wrote a post on my old blog about a place in Arizona that I really wanted to visit. It was a sponsored post from PayPerPost too. As I researched the place I found that there were some very cool things in the area that I really wanted to see. I found out later that a good friend of mine had gone to the place and stayed there and they loved it. The place is called the SouthWest Inn and it is in Sedona Arizona, about 2hours from Phoenix. The most exciting thing I want to do is go to the African Safari that is 35 miles southeast of Sedona. It is called the Out of Africa WildLife Park.

Of course we want to take it easy as well and relax. So we are going to take a train ride through the awesome landscape. I just can’t wait to go and take a ton of great photos. We are going to try and go for mid May. I’m still waiting to hear back from the company that is going to make the arrangements but this should fit right into the budget. I just saw that there is a VIP tour of the Out OF Africa WildLife Park and I may see if we can swing tickets for that too.

Tonight I ran downtown to the Speed of Thought Playhouse. I talked with Christian, one of the Speed of Thought Players and we settled on a date for the 1st North Attleboro Beer and Blogging night. It is going to be March 13, 2009 starting at 6:30, if people want to stay for the improv show, which is encouraged, they can stay, blog the show and have a good time. We will have giveaways and other fun things, the cost is the $10.00 cover for the improv show. Now I have quite a bit to do to set this up. Step one find local bloggers.

Into The Fray

Into the Fray
Photo-A-Day #1390

Here the Autobots are advancing upon me from my desk. I have my little army set up in their respective factions, Autobot vs. Decepticon. I took most of my toys home when I moved desks but decided that a little room could be spared for my Robot Heroes. They are one of the more fun toys to collect from Hasbro because they are G1 themed Transformers. I am pretty much only going to get G1 themed Transformers toys form now on, if I get them at all. I waited for a while till major sales and clearances started happening and I picked up a few more of the Transformers Universe characters like Springer, Ratbat and Onslaught.

Depicted in the picture here we have Mirage, Hound, Sunstreaker, Bumblebee, Arcee, Blaster, Ironhide (hidden by Hound’s arm), Jazz (behind Ironhide), Grimlock, Ultra Magnus, Hotrod, and two Optimus Primes (One holding the matrix).

But today is not about toys it was about getting down to business. I just learned that more responsibilities will be coming my way at work and so I am mentally getting myself back into shape to be a more productive employee. I am also taking time to read some of the books that grace my desk and learn how I can apply what is in each book to both my job and to my blogs. Today I started reading Combinations by Ed Gerety. Each morning I will read a chapter as I eat breakfast, and then I will pick out what I learned from the reading and share it.