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Becoming a Geek Dad

Transforming Transformer
Photo-A-Day #1832

Today was a pretty huge day for me. I hate to brag about myself. I really, really do have a tough time with it, and am working on acknowledging when I have a big win. So, today I have an announcement. I am officially a Geek Dad. Sure I am a Geek and I am a Dad, but now I am a GeekDad, a co-host of the podcast Geek Dads Weekly alongside Daniel M. Clark and Joe Magennis. Today I recorded my first show with Daniel. Joe was unable to make it due to car trouble but that is just the reason I was asked to join the show. Daniel and Joe thought it would be great to bring on a third co-host so that if one of the guys couldn’t make the show then there would be two co-hosts to do the recording. I’m so excited. I’ve got to add some information about myself to the GeekDads blog and wiki but I am a full on co-host of the show. Continue reading Becoming a Geek Dad

Drip, Drip, Drop

Photo-A-Day #1818

Today I posted my latest post over at Royal Tutorial. It was all about macro photography, something I want to do more of. On the way out of work I saw all the drops of water on some plants and I snapped today’s photo. I tried to get as close as possible. I didn’t have my macro lens though. Next time. I do like how it came out.

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