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Back to the Hilltop

Back on the Hilltop
Photo-A-Day #4578

Today I went back to my college today. From 1997-2001 I was working in Residence Life. For the first two years I was the Assistant Resident Director of one of the dorms. It was there that I worked with Fr. Mathias and Royce Burney. Royce was the custodian of the dorm, but he was much more. He was a humble man who gave advice and support as needed, friendship unconditionally, and a kick in the butt… also when needed. We had many conversations over the years. Royce loved to talk. He really loved to talk. He’s be the guy telling everyone to get to class but if you got caught in a conversation with Royce you were most likely going to be late for class.

Royce passed away on October 7th. I learned about this from a friend on Facebook. I learned that there would be a memorial mass for him at the college. I honestly debated if I should go up and attend. I did so up until I got dressed and into my car to drive to New Hampshire. I am glad that I went.

While I was there I ran into a few people that I worked with in the past. It made me wistful for the time when I was a Residence Hall Director and how much I loved the campus and the people there. I made some wonderful friendships with people and I am glad to see that despite time and losing touch we could still come back together and catch up. It really felt like I had never left. the campus has grown and changed so much but it still retains those special things that made it an amazing place to go for school and then to work. Continue reading Back to the Hilltop

Family Ice Cream Night

Family Ice Cream Night
Photo-A-Day #4500

Tonight we went out for a family night, just the four of us. We were going to go and eat over at Mashpee commons but there really wasn’t anywhere there that we wanted to go. So, instead we went around the corner to Cooke’s Seafood. We had never been there before and it was a pretty decent place. We were a bit full of seafood from the night before but that didn’t stop us from enjoying some calamari and clam chowder and more. I got a burger, which was a mistake. I should have just gone for fish and chips or something like that. They did the seafood well.

After dinner we went to Smitty’s for some ice cream. The kids liked the flavors and we met a student who was going to Saint A’s. Allison noticed the tip jar had the student’s colleges on it and I asked our server which one of them went to Saint A’s. It turns out that she was going there. Studying nursing, of course.