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Cape Cod Timelapses and 360s

Falmouth Harbor
Photo-A-Day #4502

Today I got up early and drove out to Nobska Lighthouse. I wanted to make a timelapse of the sunrise there. However, when I got there it wasn’t the best place to make this video. Everything was obstructed. I got a little timelapse made but not what I pictured in my mind.

Then I drove to the Falmouth Harbor and made a 360 of the entrance to the harbor. I think that one came out better. Later on I took Eva to Science School and made one last timelapse of the inlet harbor along the Shining Sea Bike Path. They are all below.

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Continued Work on Stop Motion Studio

Stop Motion Desk
Photo-A-Day #4398

Tonight I went to Brian’s to film Built from Bricks. I really thought that I’d have more time today to do something other than talk more about the Stop Motion Studio.

I did get a bunch more LEGO sets today. Two came in the mail and two I picked up from Toys ‘R Us. I like to scoop things up on the 10% off days. Next week I will have a coupon plus a $5 coupon. There is another Marvel set that I have my eyes on.

I think that I’ll build many of these in a stop motion type video.

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