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Review: Samsung Kids and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite

We received a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite loaded with the kid’s program Samsung Kids. The opinions expressed about the device and the Samsung Kids program are 100% our own.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite

We’ve had the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite for just over a month and the kids love it. As a parent who wants to be able to control how much and what my kids see during their screen time the parental controls of Samsung Kids is such a great option. The device has a special soft durable bumper case that is excellent for kids’ hands. That bumper case also provides a non-slip grip for the kids as they enjoy their games and books.

The Apps that are part of Samsung Kids are plentiful. There are so many games and books available to the kids. They are based on the kids’ ages, too. So Eva can enjoy those for her while Andrew can play younger ones. With them both accessing the same tablet it is nice for each of the kids to have their own space. The kids can both sign in to their own account and as a parent I can assign time limits for each of the children not only for the games but also a separate time limit for books. Maybe I want them to focus less on games this week so I set them up to have longer book time. That gives me greater flexibility on what I can allow them to use. If they do well in school or finish chores then they can be rewarded with extra game time. If they need to focus more on learning then I can give them more book time.

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Samsung Launches Samsung Kids

Kids Tablet

I received word that Samsung is launching a new service that is Kid-Friendly and exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite Tablet. This is a nice tablet for kids. We have allowed our kids to use tablets. Both Eva and Andrew have tablets that I had gotten for review. For Eva’s I have tried to lock it down to kid friendly apps and more. Andrew’s is locked down for Kids apps but the tablet only goes up to Kindergarten. The apps that are part of Samsung Kids go to older kids and grow and adapt as the children get older.

Samsung Kids My Stuff-Books

There are a number of books that are part of Samsung Kids as well.

Samsung Kids Parent Dashboard

A Parental Dashboard lets parents see where their children are excelling and where they need help. A really nice feature are limits that parents can set on the tablet including time and level of apps. Plus there are no in app purchases that can be made so you won’t get hit by unexpected bills.

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